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This is a beautiful and magickal alternitive filled with energies of love, health and prosperity for your future!
Get Married at a REAL Magickal Manor in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago!
Beautiful Pine Manor is the private home of Interfaith Minister Rev Pamela with a Magickal garden and romantic 1920s charm perfect for small intimate Weddings, Handfastings, Wiccanings and Coven Retreats.

Historic Pine Manor is one of the original homes in this Chicago's NW Suburb, conveniently located right next to public transportation and nightlife. If you're looking for a private specialized ritual that captures the Magick of your love for each other - Pine Manor is the perfect place!

At Pine Manor Chicago The Ceremny Is Magick.
The house and garden are only used for loving happy ritual space. Energies from years of holding weddings wiccanings and namings fill Pine Manor. You will immediately fall in love with this quaint get-away in the suburbs. Pine Manor provides an alternative to typical wedding venue adding an Earth centered aspect and ole time quality found at no other. A Relaxed at home feeling so you are truly present to give your heart, and experience every moment of your celebration. Rev. Pamela is an expert at combining traditions into one meaningful - unforgettable event. Whether you're looking for a special venue to hold your ceremony with guests or an intimate union with just the two of you, Pine Manor is the right place and the right budget.

Make your union as unique as you are!
Traditional Pagan ceremonies are written for the couple to incorporate their deities and working style. Handfastings and other magickal rites, are performed in elopement ceremonies or with family and friend or coven. All Faiths Welcome!
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A beautiful and magickal alternitive filled with energies of love, health and prosperity for your future!
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CONTACT REVEREND PAMELA TO DISCUSS YOUR CEREMONY TODAY. 8am - 8pm CST chicago Illinois. Reserve your date with only $75 Dollars
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